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HID retrofit for Ducati Monster 1993-2007

I've been putting this off for a long time, but here are my notes for retrofitting a HID projector into your Ducati Monster housing.

Please note, that around 2007, Plastic buckets were appearing on monsters. I've never actually held one long enough to determine if it is strong enough to install a projector. An educated guess would say no to durability. You can purchase a steel headlight, it will bolt right up to the plastic headlamp monsters.

The Ducati Monster does NOT have good lighting for night riding, and those of us who are riding at night , we often find ourselves squinting into the bleak darkness of the night. So here is a mod that is worth its weight in gold!!!
You can purchase any HID projector housing for retrofitting, the idea is the same. You will however, need to make sure it physically can fit inside. For that reason, I've chosen the Morimoto H1 projectors from TRS ( Their units fit in our monsters very well and require little work in comparison to other mods.

So here we go

Step 1: acquire a HID projector, you are looking at roughly 4 inches maximum in length. Most units are larger and will make fitting more challenging.

Step 2: Remove the head light bucket. No pictures here since I'm assuming if you are willing to gut your headlamp, you'd know how to atleast take it off. If you don't, then there are two bolts on each side and a wire.

Step 3: Drill a hole. Litterally line up into the center of the bucket, drill a small starter hole and make it large enough just to thread the HID projector into it. DON'T SCREW THIS PART UP. Make the hole too big and you're going to have a light that shifts around no matter how tight you get it. Once i got the rough size, i used a file and a dremel to round out the whole for a perfect snug fit. There are several washers, nuts and gaskets to use, but if you noticed your bucket is rounded and none of those items will fit right. How do we fix that? simple, you can place the rounded part of the bucket against a flat end of something and hit the outside of it with a hammer until you flatten it I happened to have a steel rod about 1.5" in diameter that fit the bill just perfect. You'll see that my lock ring fits flush against my bucket. On the other side, i used a rubber gasket and a washer to keep the light nice and flush.

A little close up of the rear, sorry for the blurry picture, i will try to snap some clearer ones with my new camera (this one didnt have any macro settings)

Step 3: Test fit. make sure the rear end has enough space for a little bit of wire (from the bulb) and wont interfere. If you are reading ahead before actually attempting this, you'll realize that you will benefit from premeasuring the distance you have to work with. I happen to flatten the rear of the housing enough to clear the headtube on the frame. I've noticed that other people didnt get around to doing this and have had interference problems with the rear of the bulb and the headtube. Just something you should realize while modding your bucket.

Step 4: Building the wire harness. I went the cheap route and made one. I don't know how the ones on ebay work, but the TRS harness was too expensive for my taste. It only cost me $3 bucks to make this thing. But here is my schematic for it. Full disclosure, I'm not sure if this is the actual wire harness I made...But the important idea is that you need a diode running between the relay pin85 and the high beam. This will keep the highbeam powered off while the low beam is running. If you dont put a diode in series, or put it the wrong direction, your bike will always be in high beam mode.

Step 5: Making the lens.... this is probably the toughest part. Some have just cut a round piece of lexan and called it a day. I decided to make mine with a curvature. Lets just say, I spent half of my money on making the lens. There is someone on the DMF making safety glass lenses. Look up the HID retrofit thread. If you are going to use plastic, make sure you use LEXAN or POLYCARBONATE. Anything else will pretty much shatter if it gets hit by rocks, which it will.

Step 6: Put it all together and enjoy. Don't forget the ballast. You'll need to source your own ballast. But I highly recommend you buy a digital slim ballast.

Video of the final mod, excuse the garage, its been cleaned up!!! i swear!

Troubleshooting Questions:

Q: My HID beam is flickering!!!
A: Check your ballast, and check your battery. A bad ballast, or a low voltage from your battery can cause your light to flicker.

Q: My high beam is stuck on!
A: Check your wire harness and make sure the diode is placed in the correct direction it is basically a electric check valve and only works 1 way

Q: Why can't I use the stock lens?
A: The stock lens is a special type of lens. I can't remember the specific design, i'd like to call it a freshnel lens, but I know its not. Baiscally, it has specific pattern cut into it so it can defract light into a special pattern. It only works for halogen lamps and not for HID lights. If you use it, it will scatter the HID light and destroy the purpose of the mod, which is to have a clean cut off.

UPDATE Sept 10 2012

Installed a Glass Lens for Clarity and durability