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Ecuador: Coca, A City In the Amazon Part 1 of 3 (Day 16)

After spending a few days in Latacunga yet again, the next stop was the Amazon rain forest…sort of.
We left fairly late that morning since everyone was still a bit drunk from the night before. The weather was nice and the drive there was expected to be over 9 hours. Destination? I’m not quite sure actually. I packed my stuff, got in the car and off we went. I fell asleep for most of it and woke up in Banos. Apparently this was the capitol of adventuring in Ecuador, but I had no idea just yet.
There was a zipline hooked up across a small river and we decided to take a ride on it.

This is the view from the base of the zipline. A giant waterfall on the right.


Ecuador: Sick!!!!

I dont know when it happened but for the past several days ive been sick. Just constantly in the bathroom. Might of been some questionable food i ate ( ya'll know how i just about eat anything). Ive been feeling pretty weak lately because nothing i eat gets absorbed. But my friend isha said to take some immodium and ive been taking it easy for the past 2 days, though tomorrow is a trip out to the amazon rain forest for several days. Hopefully I won't die there with malaria or some other crazy shit.



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