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Ecuador: Time Spent doing nothing Day 9

After the epic failure of Cotopaxi, the next few days were spent calmly. Namely, DRINK DRINK DRINK! Alcohol is cheap and plentiful, what sucked the most was not being able to speak to anyone in any sort of coherent way. I really do need to learn spanish!

At this point, I think I must of spent about 3-4 days not doing a damn thing. Which kind of drew away from turning the trip from an adventure to just living in Ecuador. At one point I did end up meeting some English speaking foreign exchange students. One was from Germany, one from Norway, and the two others from the U.S. Pennsylvania and Arizona to be exact!

Latacunga at night is quite nice. A small city with the light switch set on dim. I'm surprised I was even sober enough to operate a camera half the time.


Ecuador: Cotopaxi, A Beast of Nature (Day 7)

Cotopaxi....the big one. My first volcano, and my first real climb. I've been fighting altitude sickness since the day I landed, lack of sleep and diet issues. Suddenly jumping to 15,000 feet to begin the climb isn't the smartest thing to do at this point. You are suppose to take a few weeks to fully acclimatize yourself to this type of altitude if you are used to sea level like I am (born and raised in NYC)

The drive started to Cotopaxi National Park from Latacunga at 10am at 8900 feet. 2 hours through rough terrain will make your stomach queasy if you get motion sickness easily. After getting off the Pan American highway, the roads were completely unpaved and filled with cracks from the shifting terrain.


Ecuador: A little update

From Ecuador! I told a bunch of my friends to check this page for my blog updates, but the reality is that the internet where i am is crappy. Not much i can do as far as uploading pics, so ill keep this brief. When i make it back to Quito ill find some better internet and hopefully upload all the blogs ive been keeping on my own computer and pics.



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