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Ecuador: A Day of Rest (Day 5)

What a relaxing day it was! Finally some good old rest and no physical exertion! I woke up around 9am and had some Ecuadorian eggs for breakfast, which means they are all yolk and no egg white. I guess we are spoiled back in the states with our JUMBO eggs.

The goal for today was to find a guide that will take us up to Cotopaxi. Somewhere in the central part of Latacunga were about 4-6 touring agencies that will take you on a 2 day trip to Cotopaxi. We ended up getting a good deal with a group called Volcan Route (

The final price was $150 per a person, gear included. This includes a nights stay at the refugee at the base of the volcano, transportation to the site and the guide himself. What's insane is that the guide does this all the time, just goes up and down all the major climbing sites. That guy has to be a beast!

Pics of my gear


Ecuador: Laguna De Quilotoa (Day 4)

Oh crap! Its 7AM! I finally got some good rest the night before because I built a wall of clothing around my bed. I slept through my alarm clock and I forgot to pack my stuff so I just jammed everything into my luggage and brushed my teeth for the 2 hour drive to Latacunga. i thought I would only be in this town for a few days so i left my credit card, and some clothing back in Quito, big big mistake!

Needless to say I knocked out during the drive from Quito to Latacunga, but I did manage to snap this pic before I passed out. Quito from the hills. It is a MASSIVE city covering every bit of land you could imagine and it happens in all sorts of hills. It felt like the scene from Inception where the girl first manipulates the city by folding the streets onto itself.


Ecuador: Quito, Pichincha Mountains (Day 3)

After coming home late from the first day in Ecuador, I managed only 2 hours of sleep before the sun came piercing into my eyelids with its blinding light. By now, I had spent one whole day awake and traveling, another whole day awake and drinking and now my 3rd day, up and about wit ha splitting headache from hangovers and altitude sickness. I could sleep for a whole week at this point!

The place I was staying had no drapes on the window and it faced the east so the moment the sun broke the mountains surrounding Quito, I'd be painfully forced to wake up. The light would bounce of the white walls and find its way into my eyes. It reminded me of a girl who would drape her windows with heavy bathroom towels just to keep the sun out. I unfortunately didn't have that luxury, and there was not much I could do. It was literally a blinding nightmare that wouldn't end!I was a walking zombie at this point. I just want some sleep!!!!!

Despite the splitting headache I had that morning, we pressed on and got ready for some treking.

The plan was to hike up a mountain. No idea what the name is, but it was the first thing you saw when you flew into Quito. In the picture below, there is a rack of antennas on that mountain if you look closely. There is a cable tram that you can ride up to that point and start hiking the trails they have set up. Altitude in Quito is about 8,900ft, the tram takes you up to 11,000ft and you can hike up as high as 14,000 ft.



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