Some mods before the ride down to NOLA

I've had plans to go down to New Orleans with a buddy of mine for the past few months. Our plan was to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor launch and then got to NOLA, but those damn Russians are taking too long up there and delayed the launch until April 29th, several days AFTER we come back from the trip.

Team Rickshaw running in honor of Sergeant First Class Daniel A. Suplee

As part of Team Rickshaw, Tough Mudder 2011 I'd like to ask anyone out there who is willing to donate to the wounded Warrior Project in honor of the memory of Sergeant First Class Daniel A. Suplee, one of our members Pauls, fallen brother. Please pass this on to anyone who can help out with a donation, small or large. Thank You

9-18-10 Group Ride

I'm going to keep this one short. I have a habbit of writing when i'm upset or have something on my mind, never when i'm actually happy. Ill try and change that. I really wish I could get on this thing and really post some seriously cool stuff. My lifes pretty boring to read about so theres not much to post. Anyway, this is called Ride Reports on the go...


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