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Colin Edwards

“Everybody has got it. Traction control, anti-wheelie control, frickin’ scratch-your-ass-while-you’re-racing control; whatever control it is, there’s always some new thing they’re coming out with. Our cornering speeds right now are so just astronomical that if you didn’t have traction control, man, you would be in orbit every other frickin’ race.”

Crashed the bike at the track...BUMMER!

Hit up the track on 8.24.10 and filmed Jeff on his Triumph Street Triple. After a few laps, I wanted to get around and really peg it. I havent been in a good mood as of late and really wanted to let it rip on the track but I couldnt set up to pass the Trumpet and it really fucked up my rhythm. In one particular turn I was using a line I'd been doing for a large part of the day, but at a much slower pace since I got stuffed in a bit, ended up on the inside rumble strip, and my kickstand caught on the raised lip and launched my rear tire into the air. Ended up as a lowside and the bike spun around a couple times. I rolled across 25 feet of pavement and grass. Kinda sucked, but whatever, it happens. I got back into the pit, washed off my bike, reset the controls, filed down my clip on tube and was out the next session. Abiet the whole time I thought i lost it on the rumble strips cause of traction. But it wasn't the case so no more fear about being on the rumble strips...just dont try to get on the inside edge of one!

Ducati S2R1000 crash from Kui Xi He on Vimeo.

NJMP Thunderbolt w/ TPM 8.24.10

My Teknic Violator suit came with a free trackday. The irony here is that the suit I bought saved my skin that very trackday because I went down...

Anyway, I scheduled for 8.24.10 because there were only two spots left. Me and Chad had a van rented and finnaly got Jeff to come with us.

This would be our 3rd trackday. By now, we have ridden in the day before and ridden out the day off. We have also driven down the night before and drove back up. And now we are driving in the day of and driven back up.

Was I tired? not at all. I'm routinely up for 30-40 hours. Its a problem I've had since I was a kid. Please guys, don't say that I was too tired so I crashed. Thats not the case.
Back on track. We pick the van up around 2am and it takes 1:40 to load all 3 bikes in the van.

Little self portrait at 130am while I was waiting for Chad.


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