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SV650 down!!!!

I text-ed Yauhen so I can grab my GoPro since we are treking down to NJMP Thunderbolt tonight...well at 2am. He said he doenst have his bike and to meet him at his house. I thought he meant he didnt bring his bike to work. Not a big deal. I log onto suspects unlimited and I see that he ended up tossing the bike down Turn 1 at Lightning. OUCH! it doesnt look to bad though. the bike seemed to have just slid on its side into the grass. Not sure what happened since it could of been anything. It does just look like a plain old case of not enough traction dollars vs lean angle here but i'll see him later today and help him get the bike to my house where he can fix it a up a bit.

He chucked it, got it to pass tech without missing a session and sold the bike that very day!

Cape May Camping

Trips on motorcycles are ALWAYS fun. No matter where you are going, what the weathers going to be like, or who you are with (usually you dont have to talk to them anyway). Its a sort of adventure on its on, and whenever you are going from one place to another, be it for business or pleasure, it's a good way to put a grin on your face when you've been down for a while.

I always liked loading the bike up. I feel like I'm really set to just runaway from home if I ever wanted to. Thats the freedom you get from having a motorcycle over a car and something you have to experience yourself to understand it.

S2R1000 Fork Maintence

You will need to loosen the big nut on the top of the fork while its still clamped down on the bike via the triples. If you do not have a socket that can remove it, your alternate option is to take off the forks and remove it with a adjustable spanner and a second pair of hands or a vice grip to hold the fork down.

You can remove the forks however you like. I used a triple stand since thats what I had. So as long as you can support the front of the bike your golden.

The first thing you will do is completely back out your rebound, compression and preload settings. You want to bring everything back to zero. The reason we do this is to allow the fork cap to screw in all the way. If the preload was still set, then there would not be enough threads to tighten the cap.

If you are not changing springs, going to heavier oils, or replacing valves, then make note of your settings, otherwise your old settings will no longer work for you.

First lets talk a bit about tools. I built this gadget.


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