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Short Jaunt to Catskills

I couldnt sleep one bit all night. I was rolling around in bed at 6am with my eyes wide open, and decided to get a "midnight" honey glazed turkey sandwich. I managed to get about an hour of shuteye and got up at 7am to eat breakfast... another honey glazed turkey sandwich (see the trend here?, screw the turkey i love honey!)

Met up with Yauhen and rode out the 2nd stop on the PIP

Trackday July 12th 2010 Team Promotion

Team Promotion was definitely more chillaxed but more safety nazi compared to absolute. There were VERY VERY few coaches, about 7 total, for 64 riders. It was a trackday that my friend invited me to so it was 98% Daytona 675s. A few odd bikes here and there. Chchadder ended up meeting a guy name Randy I believe. He was nice enough to share his tent with us. Really cool guy riding a red 675.

First Trackday with Absolute Cycles

The plan was to ride down on Tuesday afternoon, spend Wednesday at the track and decide if we felt good enough to ride back the same day.

The temp was reaching 102 by the time my buddy Chchadder showed up from Spanish Harlem, riding down to Sunset Park Brooklyn, a 16 mile ride in grueling traffic and heat. After he made it to my house in a pool of sweat, we spent about 30 minutes cooling off in my garage with a shitty fan and just bullshitting (it was mostly me complaining about heat).

I had my bike loaded up with mini saddle bags, 2 foldable lawn chairs, a bookbag and a collapsible ice cooler. No shit, I looked like I was ready to travel to California in comfort. All I needed was a Harley, hell I already had the V-twin ready!

We planned to be there by 7pm, but because we followed Chchadder's GPS, and ya'll know how much I hate these things, we ended up making a few unwanted stops on top of our cooling off breaks to hydrate and what not. We ended up getting to our motel at 830PM. After checking into the Motorsports inn ($67 a night after tax, DEAL!), we switched the AC on full blast and headed out to target to pick up some yogurt's for breakfast and some water. The main office closed around 9pm so we rolled our bikes into the room and showered up, then racked out.

I couldn't get any shut eye at all despite the lack of sleep I had the day before. Some of you guys know how that feels when your brain is just thinking about random stupid shit and wont shut up. PhenomSV and digihurl ended up stopping by around midnight to pick up our lawnchairs and chatted for 5 mins. We were all tired so they went on their way to the Quality Inn and so we tried to rack out again.


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