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Ecuador: Last bit of money

As of today i only have $260. Ive set aside $40 for emergency, as in, it should be good enough to cover food for 3 days, taxi and bus ticket back to quito where my flight leaves... and 2 nights at a hostel if need be. that leaves me with $220 to spend on bs.

Doesnt help that tomorrow im going to Banos and will be droping all my cash on doing some fun things as Banos is the adventure capital of ecuador.


Ecuador: Coca, A City In the Amazon Part 3 of 3 (Day 18)

Waking up tired and groggy from a night of drinking, I managed to gather myself enough to wake around 9am. Annie let me ride her scooter too! This was yet another good day for me! The only scary thing was that we rolled three deep. As in, we packed three people onto the scooter. No helmets, no gloves, nothing!!! Something im not accustomed to. None the less, I went with it. The scooter went 0-60 in never. Actually we topped out at 20mph. Slow but steady!!

I had a chance to try these indigenous grape like thingsy. They were extremely sticky, but they were so delicious! Just like fruit nectar!


Ecuador: Coca, A City In the Amazon Part 2 of 3 (Day 17)

Today was a great day. One of the more fulfilling days I’ve had since I’ve gotten here.
I woke up groggy and unmotivated. We grabbed breakfast by the river where I noticed a turtle crossing the entrance to the restaurant. Moments later, a very long moment later might I add, the turtle turned around and headed back to where he came from. My only guess was he didn’t find anything interesting, but I’d have to ask if turtles find anything interesting at all…



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