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Hurricane Irene Pedaling

Entered the city around 6pm and was soaked before I even got out of Brooklyn.

My friend Dave who was riding, dangerously, on his 30 year old bicycle. Brave soul!

Brooklyn Bridge at 6pm. Dead as it can be while daylight is still out

Very few pictures were taken since a waterproof camera with high exposure duration wasn't available to us. But here is one in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

All my equipment was soaked by the time we made it up to the Washington Bridge. to our dismay, the bridge was unfortunately closed to pedestrian traffic. An attempt to jump around it was shot down by someone who will not be named.

We turned around and took the scenic route home via West Side. Where some fun crashing into walls and nearly falling into the Hudson river occurred.

A little pit stop by 125th st. The high tide + waves made the water nearly deck level.

Under the Manhattan Bridge

Group Photo Clockwise from top
Edge, Sho, myself and Steph

If mother nature releases water on me, I shall return the favor!

Nothing odd about seeing absolutely no one

After nearly 60 miles of biking, we decided to walk the bridge back into Brooklyn and take a slow bike ride home and retire for the night.