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New SV650 for Yauhen

It began like any other Sunday ride in November. It rained before the sun came up and the weather was cold. Miserable is what I would call it.
The plan was to ride two up and super slab to NH on Yauhens F2 and come down on two bikes via twisties and back roads. Out by 730, there by 1200 and back by 8PM

We met up at 730 and headed out. It was the first time I’d ever ridden 2up on a bike and I’ll tell you one thing, I’m glad we didn’t ride two up on the monster cause that F2 has a comfy passenger seat. We planned on stopping 100miles away, roughly half the trip. The road was still a bit moist but all was well as the morning went on.

Our first stop was at some random 24 hour diner in CT that served beer and wine for breakfast. What’s breakfast without bacon and eggs? UNAMERICAN IS WHAT!

We continued on for another 130 miles and made it to the meet up point by noon. We got the bike and test roded it before deciding on the purchase. NH is a no helmet required state. And although it was squidly riding around the parking lot without any gear, Yauhen got on the roads fully geared up for an actual test run.

However there were somethings wrong with the bike...

The entire front fairing and the mounting brackets were completely shifted to the right. You could see the fairing gap on one side, and a crunched fairing on the other. The gauges were off centered and also had a gap between itself and the fairing. The clip ons were uneven and there were a few bolts loose on the sub-frame fairings. The license place/ rain guard were also bent and loose.

The owner never actually rode the bike intimately and claimed he didnt know about it. He seemed honest since the mileage difference between the bike's ODO and title was only a few hundred miles over the span of several years. its not something one would notice if they never looked at it.

Yauhen threw out an offer and the women declined it. I pushed him to walk away from it and eventually he decided to not buy it. We walked away empty handed and went to eat the pain away with chinese food.

Without another bike, we had to figure out a different route home and ended up on route 110, which by the way fucking sucks balls. Oh wait, it sucks so much balls, we got lost

As a passenger riding two up SUCKS. Time dialates and seconds become minutes, minutes become hours.
We stopped several times so i could stretch my legs and warm up.

We made our obligatory McDonalds stop to take a piss break and warm up. Fancy Fancy McDonalds!

Total time: 14 Hours
Total Miles: 550 miles
Top Speed: 105 MPH....fucking scary as shit as a passenger with nothing to hold on to BTW.
Sucky Factor: 8/10