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Ecuador: Coca, A City In the Amazon Part 2 of 3 (Day 17)

Today was a great day. One of the more fulfilling days I’ve had since I’ve gotten here.
I woke up groggy and unmotivated. We grabbed breakfast by the river where I noticed a turtle crossing the entrance to the restaurant. Moments later, a very long moment later might I add, the turtle turned around and headed back to where he came from. My only guess was he didn’t find anything interesting, but I’d have to ask if turtles find anything interesting at all…

After breakfast, we went to see some animals at a zoo. Though I don’t think it was a zoo, more of an educational facility to learn about animals since it was mostly biologist who were studying animal behavior, or something to that effect. But hey I did get to see animals and most of them were free roaming.
This is a Tuscon (think of fruit of the loom). Just walking around and chilling. This bird has a beak almost as heavy as its body, I have hard time imagining how this bugger flies!

And a sloth….yea these things are kind of freaky looking. I’ve seen pictures of sloths just laying on a stretch of road. They are literally the most laziest animals in the world.

This is a Tapir. They come in various colors and patterns. They seem to be super friendly. This one in particular followed us around. They have really rough skin, and extremely sloppy mouths. One would expect their breath to stink pretty bad, but because they are vegeterians ( I think), it wasn’t bad at all. Now don’t go asking why I was sniffing their breath. This one tried to kiss me.

Now this is something most people have heard of but never seen. This is a cat…but not just any cat, it is a miniature cougar like cat. Also known as an ocelot. Super viscous.

Heres the Tapir following us again.

This is a wild piglet. This picture cracks me up EVERYTIME I look at it!!! Look at the tougne!!! The pig is just like BWAHHHHHH. Ahahaa!!!

This is some kind of giant rodent. Not shy, and very playful. I wonder if these animals are naturally playful, or have learned that humans are harmless…

That was really it. I was really glad to see these animals, especially the tapir that followed me around, and general atmosphere that these animals were in.
On the way back, we had to cross the one way bridge I spoke about in my previous blog. Theres the bridge in action. No kidding about the lack of light…

When we got back to the hotel, Cristian fell asleep, and I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing so I went to the receptionist, Mechita Jaramillo and Veritooss Jaramillo and had a nice chat…abiet in half broken Spanish and hardly any English about what to do in coca, and other places to see.
They gave me a DELICIOUS strawberry yogurt. And sent me on my way. Someone from the hotel staff dropped me off by the port.

And here I am ready to explore. First time I really had a chance to be alone and do something on my own.

There was some photographic art being displayed, I assume it was to attract tourist to visit the amazon rain forest.

And back to place where I had giant grubs. Only $1.00 for four!!!

Piranha anyone?

I realized that the day before, I left my knife stabbed into the side of a wooden outhouse while tying my shoelace. I really liked that knife. And I felt a little naked and defenseless without it. I walked around looking for another knife, but nothing caught my eye. I did however pick up a little spear stabbing thingy. Which I promptly used as an arts and craft tool later on.
I perched myself on a pier and enjoyed the fresh air, the warm sun and the fast flowing river.

I decided to make a picture to a friend of mine using a dried palm leaf and my new weapon…tool…souvenir. Whatever you want to call it.

I hope you guys can see the name on it. It wasn’t the easiest thing to make. Must of taken at least 30 minutes. The leaf crumbles easily and in such a way that it took careful poking and prodding.

I threw the leaf into the river after I was done, and went on shopping.
This is a mini chair. I bought it was a gag gift for a friend, but I ended up using it for remainder of my trip. I really wished I bought several of them because they were SO useable!!!! Most people who get to know me, know that I can squat like a super chinaman and have no problem sitting like that for a long time…seriously I wish I bough another one…I could always make one!

And the ice cream guy linked eyes with me. How could I say no to frozen treat? Especially for a quarter! I know I know, im lactose intolerant. But a little ice cream never hurt someone who was already having bad diarreah.

I then met a guy who spoke great English. He was living from place to place. I liked his story so much I bought a few things from him. He made bracelets by weaving two threads. And he did it VERY quickly.

He moved around Ecuador, Brasil, and all across South America just getting by. By the time I got around to writing this blog, I have to admit that I forgot his story. But the image is still in my head and the feelings I have are still with me. Aside sitting from him was another guy who had visited Miami for a while. He looked like a guy who lived in suburbs of New Orleans ready to tell you a tale of a time before Martin Luther King.
Finnaly it was time to head back home. The sun was setting faster than expected. I could of taken a taxi home, but I decided to walk the 2 miles home. But first dinner!
I returned to a diner that I went to previously. They KNOW how to grill a damn good pork chop

And of course they had a high tech flushing system in their toilet. (you scoop some water up and manual flush it)

I walked home late that night and we went out to a “club” and got completely shit faced. I tried to wizard at the club and walked in with duct tape and proceded to tape several GLASS bottles of 32oz beers together. It didn’t not go so well and the rest of the night was a slight blur. Overall one of the better days!