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Ecuador: Coca, A City In the Amazon Part 3 of 3 (Day 18)

Waking up tired and groggy from a night of drinking, I managed to gather myself enough to wake around 9am. Annie let me ride her scooter too! This was yet another good day for me! The only scary thing was that we rolled three deep. As in, we packed three people onto the scooter. No helmets, no gloves, nothing!!! Something im not accustomed to. None the less, I went with it. The scooter went 0-60 in never. Actually we topped out at 20mph. Slow but steady!!

I had a chance to try these indigenous grape like thingsy. They were extremely sticky, but they were so delicious! Just like fruit nectar!

Here is Annie and I before we grabbed some breakfast and headed out to nearby river resort.
The resort was about an hour away and I hopped on this wooden canoe and I must of paddled for an hour. I had a lot of fun getting away from everyone and just enjoying nature by myself.

This is annie and her bf. She had no shoes so he carried her for a good 10 minutes!

Here I am again canoeing away.

And taking a little break.

Meeting some locals having some fun.

On the way back the sun was setting, and we passed by the base of a local oil company. As I said before, coca is a central point for giant oil companies that are trying to drill for oil in the amazon. The interntional community is currently paying Ecuador the profits they would be making to not drill.

We picked up our bus tickets back to Latacunga, the 1145 bus to Ambato.

All tickets come with some juice and crackers!

We went to grab dinner back at the porkchop place and guess what??

NFL PLAY OFFS BABY!!!! I managed to catch the AFC championship highlights (Patriots winning) and the end of the 1st quarter of the Giants -49ers game!

I was stuck on the TV into half time and I was told that we get the same channel back in the hotel.

I would of gladly been late for the bus and stayed another night to finish watching the game. Luckly the game ended just 30 minutes before the bus and THE GIANTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! WOOOooooooooo!!!! As you may have seen I wear my giants cap all the time. Big giants fan!
On the bus ride back.

Not even 30 minutes into the bus ride, we were stopped by border patrol. The Ecuadorian government fears that people will smuggle drugs through the amazon. They wouldn’t let me go because I was missing papers, but we spent a good several minutes explaining that I didn’t have any papers because I was traveling for less than 90 days and only had a visa stamp. They searched my belongings and eventually let me on my way.

And on the road…back to latacunga!