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Ecuador: Banos Rafting Adventure Part 2 of 3 (Day 22)

Complimentary breakfast that’s not just waffle mix and concentrated OJ??? Awesome!
The hotel has a full kitchen staff that provided full breakfast meal. First was a fruit platter then some eggs and toast. No meat? Oh well. I guess I can go without stuffing my face with 10lbs of bacon…

We met up with the tour guide around 8am and drove out to a nearby river to go white water rafting. At the dock site, a pair of horses showed up…

And then she died! Just kidding, she was just scratching her back!

We went through a basic class and for some reason, we got selected as front “captains”. I hope these people were afraid….very afraid. Because I don’t know what the hell I’m saying to them! Listening to some “safety” speeches. Really it was just gibberish to me…

Almost ready to deploy the raft.

Foot anchored in!

Wait… is that….that’s a hydraulic jump! Okay NERD ALERT! I just finished a class on hydraulics and hydrology. We studied hydraulic jumps at one point and I was working in a lab trying to create one. And this is one occurring in nature. Hydraulic jumps are when water sudden jumps above the normal water line due to something on river bed.

Now we’re in the water! And ready to push off so the next group can get drop in too!

The water got really rough at some points and became quite challenging to maneuver in. When the tough got really going, we just had to let the current take us since there was no use in fighting it.

A group of Argentinian girls who were on their summer vacation (because Argentina is on the other hemisphere its summer there when its winter in the northern hemisphere).

Taking a little break because I have to! In my world there are no such thing as breaks!

Our guide gave us a quick briefing on upcoming waters. They were much tougher and because it rained the night before, the river was flooding a bit and the waters were extra mean. There was a chance to capsize from this point on…

Well capsize we didn’t, but we did lose half of our crew!
That’s me on the front left side. Yea that’s a ton of white water!

And that’s half of our crew in the water and me pulling Cristhian back into the raft!

And a fun little GIF image

Up next, we hopped some rocks and went for a ride on a stream.

By rock hopping I meant rock hopping!

Back onto the rafts!

The overcast became a drizzle, and the drizzle became a pouring rain shower. Time to make a lunch call!

I ended up chatting and meeting those Argentinian girls which was great since they spoke English very well. New friends are always good!

After the rafting, we returned back to the tour center and prepped for the "cayoning" part of our trip. Seriously is that really a word? Read on in part 3!