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Ecuador: Banos Rapelling and Swing Jumping Part 3 of 3 (Day 22)

After refitting for "caynoning", which I later found out was actually rappelling, we drove out to the nearby site and did a short hike up to the top of a waterfall.

They took us through some super secret squirrel way, which I later found out was just a retaining wall for a road on the other side and someone didn’t feel like trimming this lawn! Way to kill the joy!

Just need to make it to the top without slipping on some rock and breaking my back!

Hmmm…we can go further cant we???

And off we went! Okay it wasn’t THAT exciting. I felt like I needed a gun and a window to jump through like I was on NYPD SWAT!

After rappelling down to the bottom, there was a big drop off where they just threw you off and then snag the rope as quickly as they can. They have no sight of where you are, so they just counted to 2 and then pulled on the rope. Needless to say, I had no idea they were going to drop me so damn quick. But it was a hell of a drop!

At the bottom we did a quick 1 mile hike back to the start up point to meet up with the get away vehicle.

Ah, my favorite shoes in the world!

In the back of the van riding back to the tour site.

After we gathered our things, we rolled out for some lunch…some fried fish today!

Whats next? Oh right…SWING JUMPING! Because we missed out on swing jumping the other day, which was a good thing because this jump was MUCH taller and way more fun.

Cristhian went first. To be honest, I didn’t feel like doing it because I did’nt think it would be much fun.

And for the crazy camera shot, I was actually hanging off the bridge about 4 feet pass the barrier trying to snap a good pic.

After seeing him jump, I decided to go as well. I might as well right??? It was only a $25.00!
Just gotta make sure I text my final will out to my lawyer….

Mind you, all my clothes were wet from earlier on, so I was wearing whatever I had left!
A little look over the ledge…

And off I go!

And then back on the bus, and back to Latacunga.

Banos was the best part of the trip. I wish I was here for several more days so I could go into the Amazon in the local region and spend more time with nature. This is definitely on my list of places to revisit when I get back to Ecuador!