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Ecuador: Last few days in Latacunga (Day 25)

Goodbye ridiculously odd shaped mountain.

A final bottle of wine…which was opened by repeatedly slamming it against a wall with a text book. (we didn’t have a wine opener)

Out to lunch. I have to practice being an American again by being glued to my phone!

Some ice cream, or really just popsicles.

This is Annie again in purple. Since the sink and mirror is outside the bathroom, we get to really know what they do! Aka talk on the phone and fix their hair!!!

Cristhian left to Quito that afternoon and I stood in Latacunga to meet up with some of the foreign exchange students that I met there. By Foreign exchange, I meant 2 of them were American, the other was Norwegian and the last one was German

This is Sandra buying some hardcore porn. For a Norwegian she has pretty good taste in porn, okay, I kid!, She speaks very good English! Shes probably thinking about killing me right now, Norwegians actually learn English so, if they had bad English, I’d be surprised! By the way, DVD stores are extremely popular in latacunga, because theres not a damn thing to do! I must of bought 15 DVDs while I was there. They are all boot leg and no one really cares about pirating there.

We went out for some Chinese food, and then to a REAL ice cream place. With creammmyyyy ice cream, not just frozen flavored water!

This is Milena, she spilled her oreo milkshake and executed the 5 second rule beautifully!!!! Milena is from Germany.

Blonde girls, Blonde statche, this is what happens when they don’t get their upper lip waxed.

This is all of them. Milena on the left looking a bit like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family! Then its Isabelle, shes from Arizona, who now speaks terrible English after being in Ecuador for over 6 months now. And Fallon on the right, she’s from Pennsylvania.

Cousin Itt!

Earlier in the day, we were in a Chinese restaurant (or what they consider Chinese food atleat) and Fallon was obsessed with the owners daughter….The picture speaks for itself. Its not my child!!!!!

I think Belle has some loose bolts.

Sandra is probably the most racist person in Ecuador.

The girls left to the club leaving me and Sandra to hang out around Latacunga for the rest of the night. I was supposed to go to catch a ride to Quito that same night but the ride fell through and I ended up staying ANOTHER NIGHT!!!!
I met up with the girls again for pizza the next day, where I met Helene from Estonia. I also learned how to say 12 months in Estonian. If I spelt it out how you said it, its literally cocks taste good. That is how you say 12 months in Estonian….yes I had to pick the most ridiculous photo of them!

Just a few more days until I can use chopsticks again!!!

Sandra’s host familys sister is a viscous girl. She will bite her tit out of nowhere. It was kinda of strange to watch her get beat up by a 8 year old girl and not being able to do anything.

Then finnaly, I got a free ride out of Latacunga and into Quito. Less than 24 hours from the United States!!!!
The fog there was heavy. Those are the actual water particles you see…

Just the fog without flash.

Back in quito, I packed my stuff and got a good nights sleep for the 6 hour flight back to the U.S.

On my last night in Quito, I literally had $2.00 in my pocket. Luckily, I was carrying around a can of sardines the whole time. Yes Sardines from the United States. I had this can of sardines with me EVERYWHERE. Banos, coca, Cotopaxi. It was my comfort food just in case. And well it paid off!!! Chips and sardines!!!!

Now off to bed! 8am flight out!!!