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Ecuador: The last leg home...(final day)

Goodbye Quito!

Hello Guayaquil!!! There was a 3 hour layover in Guayaquil so it was perfect to get out for a quick minute. There was a path that you can walk up to get to the top of this colorful village.

Uhhhh that’s a lot of steps!!

HOLY CRAP IT IS A LOT OF STEPS!!! The humidty was ridiculous and I was sweating bullets the moment I stepped out of the taxi.

And it didn’t help that I had almost 50lbs of gear on me!

After 10 minutes of practically running up the stairs, we reach the top.

Still sweating bullets and thirsty!

The tower atop.

Whoops wrong village!!! We’re on the other side!

We literally ran down the steps because our flight left in just a bit over an hour and we still had to go through security check! After hoping into the taxi, I rolled the window down and enjoyed the windy breeze!

Just in time for the flight back home!

Six torturous hours in coach later… the first glimpse of NYC is just outside the window. Jamaica bay!

First flight in means empty immigration lines!


I went home that day and unfortunately had class in less than 7 hours! So goodnight!