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NYC to Colorado Part 4: Arrival

On Tuesday morning, I got my crankshaft nut from motohio and cranked that baby on there. I buttoned her up and thumbed the starter. I was nervous beyond belief. Happy to finally get back on the road. The first few cranks went…and it just kept spinning. I had spark, but the timing was out. The belts checked out. The crankshaft was timed. There was spark at the right time. But there was a taping sound and after a bit of snooping around, it seemed like the piston was hitting the valve.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The monster is dead (I should of probably named her). After 32,000 miles and several trips across many states, she has finally died. I feel like machines are always reincarnated. They die, but always have a chance to come back to life. Be it a watch, a computer, or a motorcycle. They always come back if you put time into them.
I had no choice but to leave her in Columbus and return for her later.

With the end of that chapter, I flew out of Columbus to Grand Junction that afternoon. It was awkward leaving my bike behind. It has been years since I’ve left her behind. And this would be the longest time I went without a bike.
I had 30 minutes to pack and rush to the airport. I literally shoved all my stuff into two book bags and got a ride to Port Columbus Airport (port???? Wheres the water mate!?).

Port Columbus Airport!

The first leg of the flight was into Denver. The biggest airport I know of. Possibly in the world!
Look at all these flights!

When I landed, I walked by what is the most ironic thing in the world. With my helmet in my hand and a motorcycle jacket over my back, I walk by this beauty.

Oh wait let me get out of the way.

A brand new Ducati Multistrada S. Electronic Suspension, 5 different maps. Hard bags. It’s a tourers DREAM! 150hp, or 100hp at a flip of a switch! If there is such a thing as ying and yang, karma and all, then I should win this bike right?
The plane off into grand junction was on this small little jet. A 30 minute flight.

When I finally landed, I took a chance to take a look at the giant slabs of rock cut thousands of years ago by slabs of glacier thousands of feet thick.
Part of my bike has made it atleast….my helmet.

I rented a car with Hertz and drove off into Grand Junction. My first step was to find a place to stay. Needless to say, at 9pm, theres not that many people who are okay with letting you take a look at their place…