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Mt. Garfield

Couped up in Colorado without seeing the nature that makes this state so great has been crushing my moral. I need to get out of grand junction! I need to feel my lungs gasping for air. I need to be on the move!

I couldn’t get anyone to go with to take the short hike up Mt. Garfield today, actually, outside of work I don’t know anyone! I didn’t have much of a choice but to go myself. I woke up at 430am expecting to hop off super early to get some good pictures of the sun cresting over.

Negative on that! My body did not want to wake up, but after 10 snoozes later, I manage to drag my lifeless body off of my bed…by bed, I mean sleeping pad! This has been my bed for the past 3 weeks, an REI Lumina 40 on a blue pad on a hardwood floor. Took some getting used to, but it’s been pretty cozy. I didn’t expect to need this bag when I purchased it, but boy has it come in handy!

The drive out to Mt. Garfield wasn’t more than 20 minutes from where I lived and initially, I thought Garfield was going to be easy. Its only 2 miles and 2,000 feet vertical elevation! Easy peasy!!!

Let me tell you, this thing is pretty steep. The only easy part is how short it is, but its definitely a very steep climb. The most difficult sections are over 45 degree battered. It’s not for the feint of heart but it is easily doable by any one who is moderately fit.

Since I was an hour late off the time I wanted to jump off, the sun was cresting over the shoulder and catching up with me.

I was running when I could, and walking quickly when I couldn’t.

As the sun came out in full blast, the summit was right ahead. Pretty close and a good morning hike to start the blood flowing.

There are lots of wildlife here, from geckos to snakes and a ton of bunnies, though those critters are always faster than I can pull my camera out. I nearly killed a few by accident as I was driving there!

There was a nice trail under the shade that I can run past, other times, I would go off the trail just to avoid the sun.

Of course where would I be without my virbams? This is a bad idea kids. Its very sensitive to traction, and it can really hurt you if you don’t have a good footing, but it feels great running in them.

Finnaly at the top and snapped a few pictures. I made it to the top in less than an hour and I proceed to run as fast as I could to get down sorry knees!

Of course, You have to build one of these to leave a mark that someone has gone this course.

And the jolt back down.

gotta fix my shoes a bit with all the pebbels getting in!

50 minutes to get up there and ~15 minutes to get down. Great way to the start the morning. Mt Ebert and my first 14er next week perhaps...