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Suspects Unlimited Ride 10/25/09

My previous ride result in me flying through some air and rolling a few times on asphalt and putting a hole in my engine as my bike glided across the side of a hill. The aftermath resulted in me having my balls deep in my asshole every time I saw a grain of gravel on the road. It doesn’t help that soth’s (formerly golden child) favorite roads include gravel either.

However it was the first time I would have met any of the members of suspects unlimited except for Bones and GC. I thought it would be a nice leisure ride but little did I know it was in for a treat of some real twisty and fun roads.

Our first pickup point over in the palisades allowed me to meet some of the Suspect guys. Everyone seemed to get along real well and were very friendly. It isn’t often that you can meet a whole group of guys and not feel like an outsider. We started our trip and began to make our way up the palisades.
Quite frankly I had no idea where we were going except for one small detail. Our goal was a place called Roscoes diner. Something about a He-Man Breakfast and some French toast. WHats so He-man about it? Im not sure. French toast is for sissys I thought.

As the ride continued the temperature began to fluctuate. It doesn’t help that my gloves were inadequate for anything below 55 degrees. I don’t know how everyone was dealing with the cold wind. Some were layering up and wearing perforated leathers. Others were packing heated garments.

As the ride went on, the group split up so soth decided it was best to have an A and B group. I wasn’t feeling too comfortable taking the bike on turns after the spill I had. I saw gravel everywhere. But its true what they say, you don’t notice it until you start looking for it.

Every twist and turn had gravel. It annoyed the hell out of me. Even though it was never anymore gravel then I was used to riding, the fear took over my braking hand. Instead of late braking and carrying some speed through the turn, I let of the throttle and gently engine braked to my entry speed. It was infuriating to miss out on the opportunity to ride such awesome twisties. Never the less the whole group was pretty cool with letting everyone ride their own pace. We’ll get there when we get there right?

It was cool of the faster Usual Suspects to stay behind and ride with the slow group. On second half of the ride where the roads became less sketchy, I started to pick up the pace but was awestruck by the beautiful scenery. I had to slow down to take a look at everything. It isn’t often that a city kid like me can drive on the road and all of a sudden see a small waterfall on the side of a cliff. I wish there was time to park the bike and take a seat just to take in all the beauty.

Right before we hit the diner. A small incident occurred that was completely unseen by anyone. I was in the middle of the B group. With Mookie and GLattern ahead of me….bones, tom, and two others ( sorry I cant remember your names!) behind me, I come over a slight hill right before the small bridge that brings us to the diner. I see a car stop ahead in preparations for a left hand turn (in the drivers point of view). I’m about 200 feet away and closing at 50mph. My high beams are already on and shining in her eye. When I was just a few dozen yards away from her. She decides to go for the turn. My MSF instincts kick in and I swerve my bike. The bitch decides to commit to the turn and swipes me with her side view mirror. I pull over about 100 yards down the road and hop of the bike. My hands are trembling from having the 2nd biggest near miss of my life and I turn around. What do I see?

Her fucking car in the middle of the road and shes just staring at me. I didn’t know what to do. Half of me wanted to hop on my bike and break her face open. The other half just wanted to sit and thank whoever was watching over me. 3-4 minutes pass by and I see the group ahead. I wave at them and they turn onto the bridge. I get back on my bike and follow them into the diner parking lot.

From there I had a few ciggs to calm my nerves. I didn’t know how I was going to make it back. I didn’t have an appetite. All I wanted to do from there was to just throw my bike away and give up riding. If I had crashed, the McLanes line from Die Hard would have been a perfect match. How the fuck can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?

As we all sat down at the diner a good 75% of us order a He-Man. I get mine by a side of Belgium Waffles. I scarfed a good majority of it down. Remember when I said French Toast is for sissys? Well NOT THESE! They were as thick as a stack of quarters, and crispy like fried chicken. I gobbled up a huge chunk of it up and we headed south to NYC.

The whole group was gunning 90+mph but with bones in the back I was riding between the group and him, and in the end decided to drop back and slab it home with Bones as we both live in the same direction. Bones had a GPS so we used that up until I-84 where we split of. I took off onto the palisades since there was too much traffic on I-84 and I wanted to meet up with my gf to catch the Giants game.

On the way home my Slave cylinder began to take its final shit on me and drained my clutch reservoir dry. I had a pretty rocky ride home around 1am and when I pulled into my garage and parked my bike. I had to take a moment by myself to look at my bike and think about one of the better rides I’ve had all year.

Thanks E for setting up the route!