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Hurricane Sandy and a Darkened New York City

There are perhaps only 3-4 gas stations in NYC with gasoline left. The lines extend for several blocks with hundreds of vehicles. Even people are filling their jerry cans, either to hold for a generator in case things get bad, or to simply attempt to fill their car in several passes.

This line extended for almost 8 blocks.

A darkened Reade St. The sign hangs with a limp, presumably due to high wind gusts. The only light in this photo is sourced from headlights of vehicles wandering the streets and a full moon.

Jupiter and the Moon loom over head.

The old Bell Atlantic building...or NYNEX...or now Verizon is seen in the distance.

Only backup generator powering various lamps across the street light this building up.

Downtown Broadway is deserted and the sound of a distant humming pump can be heard.

Like many other stations that night, the subways are closed due to flooding.

Operators are pumping water out of the underground subway tunnels at battery park. My motorcycle is on the corner.

Although much of the water has receded, the tunnel remains flooded as crews work around the clock to pump the brackish water out.

The new Freedom Tower is even powered off. I presume the backup generators are not yet functional.

The Holland Tunnel is also flooded.

What the Camera can see and what the Eye sees are two different things. This is what the eye sees.

The Manhattan side exit from the Holland tunnel.

Broadways Dark tonight..

The Halal stands were out in full force serving.

The Brooklyn Bridge, dark on the Manhattan side.

This was a motorcycle I previously photographed.

The original...

With a flash on the camera, you can see the extent of the water level. The bike was essentially floating around.

The Underbelly of the Manhattan bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is dark on the Manhattan side.

The Freedom Tower seen from Chinatown. The dark allys here were completely pitch black and quiet.

Looking East on Market Street.

The Manhattan Bridge's side.

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge again, looking back.

Eventually, my motorcycle was low on fuel. I'll gas up from my reserves that I stored before the storm and head back out another night.