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Mt. Wetterhorn, A Failed Attempt.

Ill say this up front, what you are about to read is the story of utter failure. Failure in basic land nav, basic compass use, and failure to use better judgment. Where do we begin? Obviously the planning!

My first 14er, Mt. Sneffels was painfully easy. The geography was easy to read on the map since there were large bodies of water and distinctive peaks, it wasn’t hard to figure out where you were. If you followed the trail it brought you straight up the mountain and on to the top.

Mt. Wetterhorn on the other hand was completely different. I followed the same planning stages of getting the map, checking out the geography and then setting the idea aside until I had time to climb. I didn't spend as much time on planning for Wetterhorn as I did for Sneffels since the trail on Sneffels was so well defined that I thought Wetterhorn would be the same. Not to mention there were crowds on Sneffels so it was relatively easy to figure out where the heard was going. With the trail map and an outline of the trail in my hand, I deemed myself “ready” for Mt. Wetterhorn. (click to read more)

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